We are investment specialists, not generalists. Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss how we can help you with buying or selling for your real estate investment portfolio.” -Nate Newman

Newman | Kelly is a boutique commercial real estate investment brokerage and development firm. Our mission is to help our clients grow wealth through trust, hard work, and superior market knowledge. Since 2008, Nate Newman and Logan Kelly have underwritten billions of dollars of commercial real estate and sold in excess of $250,000,000 of investment real estate with an average strike price of 96.37% of list price.

Each member of our team has a deep background in investment sales and originally worked at the largest investment sales firm in the industry.  While working there, we identified many areas that we wanted to improve upon.  The defining elements that separate Newman Kelly from our competitors are:


  1. We focus on investment sales.  We don’t do any leasing or management.  As specialists, we have unparalleled access to buyers through our personal networks.


  1. We are integrated with a debt platform through LMI Capital to assist buyers, sellers, and holders with new acquisitions or refinancing properties. Most brokers are only interested in the sale.  We are different and do not have a conflict of interest.  Whereas other brokers push for a sale so that they can get a commission, at Newman Kelly, we take an advisory approach.  We pledge to always advise our clients with their best interest in mind.  Did you know that on average a commercial real estate property is refinanced 3.4 times before it is sold?  We understand that often the best thing for our clients to do is to hold their real estate.  We will be happy to advise you on how to refinance accordingly to take advantage of constantly changing market and debt conditions.


  1. We pledge to always act with integrity.  With our debt platform integration, we can truly be objective in giving the best advice to clients because we are not chasing a sale.  We also offer broker opinion of value reports to our clients upon request, free of charge.


  1. We only hire qualified, driven brokers who have substantial full-time experience, a track record of closing deals, and a passion for the real estate development business. The last thing clients need is an inexperienced sales associate who is trying to “learn the business” at the client’s expense. So why is this the norm?


  1. We personally invest in real estate.  This real world experience allows us to approach the business with an ownership mentality and to advise our clients accordingly.


  1. Having worked at the largest real estate investment sales firm in the country and realizing that the antiquated system needed to be revamped, we are proud of our aggressive and targeted marketing strategy through our relationships with buyers and brokers.


  1. 1031 ExchangeBuyer Needs service.  Looking for an ideal up-leg for your 1031 or a new property to acquire?  We can help you access deals that are off-market.  Fill out the buyer form on our website with your investment criteria and timing and we will automatically import your information into our internal property matching system and send you deals that match your criteria.

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